Microfluidics Conference 2012

Conference Location

Heidelberg - one of the most romantic locations in the world, welcomes you for Microfluidics 2012!

After the first conference 2008 in Bologna, Italy, and the second one 2010 in Toulouse, France, Microfluidics2012 moves this time to Germany. The conference takes place at the Advanced Training Centre (ATC) of the European Laboratory of Molecular Biology (EMBL) in Heidelberg.

Advanced Training Center EMBL (Source: EMBL) 

Advanced Training Centre, EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany


The famous and beautyful city of Heidelberg provides a cosy and peaceful athmosphere. One of the most romantic places in the world welcomes you in typical German Christmas time environment.

 View to Heidelberg

The city is easy to reach from allover the world, laying not more than 80 km away from Frankfurt International Airport, the largest airport in Germany. Excellent connections to all main European cities, a large number of nice hotels and international cuisine restaurants will make your stay comfortable.

How to reach the Conference Site


The EMBL Advanced Training Centre is located on Meyerhofstrasse 1, D-69117 Heidelberg, Germany.
It can be reached by public transport or by car.

A full description how to reach (PDF), including tram and bus schedules, can be downloaded here...


1. By public transportPublic_Transport_Lines

Find all info about public transport, a line plan as well as schedules and planner here.

By tram or bus:
A combination of tram/bus and shuttle bus is needed.
There are two tram lines and a bus line leading from the city of Heidelberg
to a station close to EMBL:

Tram Line 23, coming from the inner part of the city
(most common station: "Bismarckplatz", a square at the beginning of the pedestrian area)

Tram Line 24, coming from the University Campus and connecting the Main Station.

Bus Line 29, leaving "Bismarckplatz" in a circle.


For all three lines: Take the direction to "Leimen" (Line 23) "Rohrbach-Süd" (Line 24) or "Emmertsgrund" (Line 29).
Leave the tram or bus at the station "Rohrbach-Süd".

From this station, a bus shuttle will be provided by the organizers to reach
the conference site. Schedules of the bus shuttle will be given here very soon!



By bus:
A certain number of direct connections from station "Bismarckplatz" are available.

Bus Line 19F, linking "Bismarckplatz" in the morning and the afternoon directly with EMBL.
This is convenient for the conference in the morning (leaving "Bismarckplatz" at 8.33, arriving
at "EMBL" at 8.49) and the evening (leaving "EMBL" at 18.11, arriving at "Bismarckplatz" at 18.27)

For all participants having hotels located in the city, around or close to "Bismarckplatz", or in the old city,
it is recommended to use the Bus Line 19.
This is the most convenient way to come to the conference site!


2. By taxi

Taxi is convenient for all those who do not like to use public transport. From "Bismarckplatz", it is a 15-minutes-trip or more, depending on the traffic.
Costs are about 25€.


3. By car

If you choose to have your private or a rental car, there are parking places on-site. From the inner city, please follow the road B3/L594 into direction of "Leimen".
Turn right at Rohrbach-Süd and follow into direction Boxberg / Emmertsgrund. Drive up the hill, until you reach an "Aral" gas station, turn left here into the street Am Götzenberg.
The street will turnover into Boxbergring. After roughly 1 km, turn left into Zur Forstquelle, and follow the windy road for about 2km. Turn right at the sign of EMBL into the


How to reach the Conference Dinner


The Conference Dinner will take place on Tuesday, December 4, 2012, Conference Dinner Location
from about 20.00 to about 24.00, at Halle 02, Güteramtsstrasse 2, D-69115 Heidelberg.
It is conveniently located in about 10 minutes walking distance from the Main Station.

A full description how to reach (PDF), including tram and bus schedules, can be downloaded here...


Come to Main Station by public transports, and enter the station. Cross ALL TRACKS by the trackbridge,
and leave the Main Station on the backside.
Turn left, and follow the road. It will bring you up to a traffic light at "Czernyring". Cross the street, and follow the road
"Güteramtsstrasse". After about 100m turn half-right and follow the road for another 50m. Entrance is to your right.

The Conference Dinner is a Gala Dinner. Appropriate dress is expected.




Further information and contact