Microfluidics Conference 2012

Aim and Scopes

Welcome to Microfluidics 2012!

The Microfluidics Conference 2012 (µFlu’12) is the third European Conference on Microfluidics. It succeeds to µFlu’08, held in Bologna in December 2008, and µFlu’10, which was organized in Toulouse in December 2010.

The aim of this conference is to strengthen the links inside the European and worldwide scientific community in this young discipline and to promote exchanges between European Universities, Non-European Universities and Industrial Companies engaged in this field.

Microfluidics finds applications in every industrial sector, as well as in numerous media covered fields like biology, medicine, chemical and process engineering, transports, environmental sciences, microelectronics and so on. The aim of this Conference is to promote and foster cooperation in the field of Microfluidics by bringing together scientists and engineers working in this strongly multi-disciplinary area. The Conference invites submission of abstracts describing original works on the listed topics. The papers have to contain information on research rationale, methodology, results and major conclusions. Applied papers from Industries engaged in Microfluidics especially addressed to draw strong scientific needs are welcomed.



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