Microfluidics Conference 2012


Numerous lectures will be given at the Microfluidics2012 conference, including Invited Keynote Lectures, Plenary Lectures and topical Oral Presentations. Additionally, Posters will allow detailed discussion on scientific results.


A preliminary program has been prepared

It can be downloaded in PDF format here...

The actual program can be checked online here...


Long oral presentations are marked with "O", short oral presentations combined with a poster are marked with "P".

Duration is:

Plenary presentation:                            35 minutes + 5 minutes of discussion

Long oral presentation:                          15 minutes + 5 minutes of discussion

Short oral presentation + poster:             5 minutes, discussion at the poster only.
                                                            Please prepare 4-5 slides AT THE MAX!


For all presentations, we ask the authors to upload your file AT THE LATEST in the coffee break before the session to the computer provided onsite.
In interest of avoiding waiting times, we do not accept private presenting computers.
Each lecture room is equipped with a modern PC, having Office 2003, Office 2012, OpenOffice and AdobeAcrobat installed.



The Program is PRELIMINARY and subject of change!




To retrieve information about the Plenary Lectures provided follow this link...

For the Special Sessions, follow this  link ...

Download the Information Leaflet here...

Download the Preliminary Program here...







A full description how to reach the


including tram and bus schedules, can be downloaded (PDF) here... or found here... at the bottom of the page.



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