Microfluidics Conference 2012



  1. Liquid Microflows
         (co-chairs: Arjan Frijns, Norbert Kockmann & Marco Lorenzini)
  2. Gas Microflows
         (co-chairs: Nobuaki Aoki, Dimitris Valougeorgis & Yonghao Zhang)
  3. Microsensors and In-Situ Analytics
         (co-chairs: Wolfgang Hilber, Pierre Perrier & Patrick Ruther)
  4. Fluidic Microactuators and Micromixing
         (co-chairs: Janko Auerswald, Ibrahim Hassan & Yi-Kuen Lee)
  5. Microfabrication Techniques for Microfluidic Systems
         (Anne-Marie Gué, Hans Nøgaard Hansen & Chantal Khan-Malek)
  6. Convective Micro Heat Transfer
         (co-chairs: Denis Maillet, Michael Jensen & Thomas Wetzel)
  7. Micro Chemical Engineering
         (co-chairs: Tobias Bauer, Weiling Luan & Paul Watts)
  8. Lab-on-a-Chip
         (co-chairs: Helene Andersson-Svahn, Panagiota Angeli & Andrew DeMello)
  9. Electrokinetic Microflows
         (co-chairs: Suman Chakraborty, Sedat Tardu & Zhanhua Silber-Li)
  10. Microdroplets Management
         (co-chairs: Charles Baroud, Marco Marengo & Nam-Trung Nguyen)
  11. Microflows in Bioengineering and Biofluidics
         (co-chairs: Andreas Guber, Pasi Kallio, Dimos Poulikakos & Leslie Yeo)
  12. Multi-Phase Flows in Microsystems
         (co-chairs: Gian Piero Celata, Tassos Karayiannis & Michael Schlüter)
  13. Microflow Visualization
         (co-chairs: Lucien Baldas, Ralph Lindken & Massimiliano Rossi)
  14. Special Session: Industrial Applications
         (co-chairs: Gerard Rozing & Dongbo Zhao)
  15. Special Topic: Nanofluidics
         (co-chairs: Carola Koenig, David Newport & Christophe Serra)
  16. Other topics
         (co-chairs: Jürgen J. Brandner, Stéphane Colin & Gian Luca Morini)



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