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International Facilities

Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut http://www.dai-heidelberg.de/content/index_ger.html

Deutsch-Amerikanischer Frauenclub Heidelberg http://www.gawc.de/

The wine region in the beer country of Germany

If the wine-god Bacchus were to buy a holiday house, it would most certainly be here. Although Germany is actually a beer
country, year upon year innumerable wine lovers find their way into one (or several) of the traditional wine cultivating
areas of Baden, into the Pfalz or along the Bergstrasse. Here the wine grows particularly well, as the region is one of the
warmest and sun-richest in Germany. The reason that German wines are not so well known (forget Liebfrauenmilch)
lies simply in the fact that Germany does not produce enormous quantities for export, but quality standards are set,
we would rather drink the best wines ourselves. With numerous wine celebrations taking place during the season
along the “Deutsche Weinstrasse”, you can sample the wines on offer and in addition try “Leberknoedel” (a kind of liver and
potato dumpling), “Saumagen” (filled sow stomach, much like the Scottish Haggis), or “Bratwurst” (grilled sausage).

Don´t miss the most spectacular wine celebration of the region:

The largest wine festival and the largest wine barrel in the world at Bad Dürkheim.

Naturally we also know something about beer brewing. If you would like to convince yourself, then try a
regionally brewed beer in one of the many beautiful beer gardens or directly in a brewery and learn about

the German purity laws and regulations required when brewing beer.

Guided tours and tasting
Brauerei Welde
(Welde Brewery)
Guided tours in english possible


Brauereistrasse 1
D-68723 Plankstadt
Tel:+49 (0)6202/9300-0
Fax:+49 (0)6202/9300-90
Internet: www.welde.de (de, en, ru)

Zum Wohl die Pfalz

Everything about palatine wine, winegrower, and walking-tours.

Pfalzwein e.V.
Martin-Luther-Staße 69

67433 Neustadt an der Weinstraße

Telefon: +49 6321 91 23 28
Telefax: +49 6321 12881
Internet: www.zum-wohl-die-pfalz.de (de, en, fr)
Castles, forts and ruins

This is definitely something you must see - the large castles of the region:

“Hambacher Schloß “ (Castle Hambach)

“…..come, come, free citizens, to the castle, to the castle, the German colours are hoisted.”

The black-red-golden tricolour was first displayed at the Hambach Festival in the year 1832.
The colours symbolize the strive for freedom, civil rights and German unity.
The celebrations at the Castle Hambach, near ‘Neustadt an der Weinstrasse’ became the
of the historical German Democratic Movement. It is therefore almost an obligation
to visit this place which is “the cradle of German democracy”.


“Schloß Auerbach” (Castle Auerbach)

You will be feasting like the knights Kunibert and Kunigunde when dining at the
“Rittermahl Auerbach” (Knight’s feast Auerbach). Did you ever want to disappear back
into medieval times and dance and feast as the knights did to the music and the
“Gaukelei” (ugglery) of the Middle Ages? Event catering at Castle Auerbach offers many
diverse experiences: Family knight feast, public knight feasts or the “Nibelungenrittermahl”
(Nibelungen Knight Feast). In addition you can be introduced to the “Erlebnisfalknerei”
(adventure falconry) in an entertaining way: the fascinating life and the various types of

falcons and hawks of the Auerbach castle.

Internet: http://www.schloss-auerbach.de


Nightlife (VERY small excerpt...)

Okay, we are not New York City. But nevertheless the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region has a nightlife, too.
It is easy to get in touch with people in some of the nice little bars or "Weinstuben".
And if You have to have a guiness or other "non-german" beverages: no problem. We have irish pubs, caribbean bars, a mexican, Japanese .... .

For instance:
Neckarstaden 24
69117 Heidelberg

print media lounge
Kurfürstenanlage 60
69115 Heidelberg

Napper Tandy´s
Haspelgasse 4
69117 Heidelberg


Untere Neckarstraße 54

69117 Heidelberg